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A-Levels Study in the United Kingdom

What is A-Levels?

The Advanced Level, or A-Level, is a certification provided by academic institutions in the United Kingdom. Students in Scotland take the Scottish Qualifications Certificate’s Higher and Advanced Higher levels. A-Levels are the qualifications that UK institutions use to assess a student’s eligibility for an undergraduate degree course. They are normally studied over two years. 

In the United Kingdom, you can study A-Levels.

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  • A-Level courses in the United Kingdom 

Many international and domestic students study A-Levels at a specialized further higher learning institution, which also provides a wide variety of vocational programs. Qualification is the most popular method used by Universities in the Uk to evaluate an applicant’s intellectual aptitude. 

What are the opportunities for international students to pursue A-Levels?

VISA VERTEX suggests the following institutions to study A-Levels in the United Kingdom if you are an international student: 

  1. David Game College
  2. International School of Creative Arts
  3. Kings Education
  4. Loughborough College
  5. Cambridge Tutors College
  6. CATS College
  7. Chelsea Independent College
  8. Abbey DLD Colleges
  9. Bellerbys College 

A-Levels in the United Kingdom

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UK Study Options