According to the DIBP, the applicant must receive a favorable skill evaluation. 


The candidate must submit a final visa application after getting the invitation (DIBP). 


After skill assessment applicant needs to apply for the Expression of Interest.


After skill assessment applicant needs to apply for the Expression of Interest.



Applicants must be at least 18 years old and less than 44 at the time of Visa Application.


Minimum IELTS score should be 6 band in each module i.e. Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking


A positive skill assessment report from the relevant authority


Must obtain a positive skill assessment report for the nominated occupation from the relevant authority


At least one degree, diploma or trade qualification that meets the Australian study requirements


Study or work experience in Australia, Partner's Skill assessment or a nomination by a state or territory

Benefits of Australian Immigration

Appealing Scenic Beauty

One of the main attractions of migrating to Australia is its scenic beauty. These tourist sites have been an attraction to many from across the globe. Moreover, people can enjoy diversity.

Professional Opportunity

Australia has many professional opportunities to offer to its immigrants, including work as teachers, engineers, doctors, accountants, and many more. People go there, settle, and live happily. All these professions can provide a quality life there. Simple And Quick Immigration Procedure. The rules governing immigration to Australia are quite easy to understand and process under the supervision of a visa and immigration consultant. Additionally, the arrangements that the Australian government offers to its immigrants are also quite impressive.

Immigration to Australia From Pakistan | Australia Visa for Pakistani People. Visa Vertex consultancy services provide you with the services of counselling related to immigration and abroad visas. At Visa Vertex, our goal is to help people study abroad, get potential jobs and improve their living standards.

What We Can Do For You?

We have a successful record of giving immigration visas like student visas, business visas, immigration business migration, skilled visas, Family visa services, and many other visas for moving abroad especially in Australia. No matter, whether you’re a student or a working person, you always got something to get your hands in Australia. Skilled Migration to Australia. The Skilled-Independent visa (subclass 189) is a permanent residence visa for points-tested skilled workers who want to work and live in Australia. To be able to apply for this visa you need to submit an expression of interest and then be invited through SkillSelect to apply. You can be in or outside Australia when you apply and when the visa is granted.

  • Skilled Independent Visa (189)
  • State-Sponsored Skilled Visa (190)
  • Business Immigration to Australia

People who are experienced in running businesses and have businesses and willing to invest in a business in Australia can apply for this visa.

  • Business Innovation Visa
  • Business Talent Visa
  • Study in Australia

This visa category allows students to study at Australian schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutes.

  • Higher Education Student Visa
  • Vocational Training Student Visa
  • Primary/Secondary Student Visa
  • Postgraduate Student Visa
  • Australia Family Visa

A family visa to Australia is a visa for spouses, partners, children, parents and relatives of Australian visa holders or Australian citizens and permanent residents to join them in Australia.

  • Spouse Visa
  • Prospective Marriage Visa
  • Independent Partner Visa
  • Parent Visa
  • Aged Parent Visa
  • Remaining Relative Visa
  • Visit Visa

People who want to visit Australia as tourists or for business for a short time can apply for this visa.

  • Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) Visa
  •  ETA Business Travel Visa
  • Visa Vertex Australian Immigration Consultant

There are many offices and branches of our immigration service’s consultation such as in Nepal, Canada, Australia, and other countries. In Pakistan, we are dealing with clients from Islamabad, Lahore, or Karachi and providing consultation to the people who are interested in going abroad and getting green cards. We offer the best services and give you the best-recommended places which are exactly your own choice. A Visa Vertex Australian immigration consultant is top ranking in Pakistan. We provide an Australian visa for students and give them all the guidance related to their visit there. We give our clients the best advice and provide them with the necessary information. We make their immigration easy and well maintained either it is a permanent or temporary one. Overseas Pakistanis also try to obtain valid visa services for applying for green cards. Best Source of Availing Australian Visit Visa In Lahore. Australian Visit Visa From Pakistan. The Australian visit visa is intended for individuals who are not qualified for other visa types such as eVisitor or visa for Electronic Travel Authority. This visa permits you to visit Australia, either for travel industry or business purposes, for up to a period of three, six months, or a year! Candidates should pay an expense to present their application.

There is an assortment of visas accessible to voyagers to Australia. The sort of visa you ought to apply for relies upon the length of your stay, your identification, and the reason for the visit. To be sure that you have met all the prerequisites that qualify you for the visa application and to avoid any complications it is important to contact a reliable and efficient source!

How to Get An Australian Visit Visa In Pakistan

To get away with all the complications and avail of an Australian visit visa through legal documents and procedures you must consult a good visa provider that masters the procedure of sending visitors to Australia. Get an Australian visa through Verified Australian Visit Visa in Lahore, to make sure that your procedures and documents are being held by the best in the game!

Their consultants go out of the way to assist and even aid in finding residency in Australia, also making sure you meet all the requirements.

Since the visit visa application procedure can be confusing, a good consultant like Visa Vertex comes in very handy to make sure none of your time and money is wasted.

Australian Immigration Profile Requirements. Immigration consultants access your profile and make sure that either you are eligible for the visa or not. They even make it compulsory for you to provide them with the right information. Student visas are most demanded in Australia because the student visas which are applied abroad are mostly of Australian immigration. They provide their customers with the best and satisfactory services. Visa Vertex brings ease and comfort to the immigration process with its remarkable services.

How to Apply for Australian Immigration From Pakistan

The visa application process involves several steps that need to be followed. First of all, you must select the visa subclass you are interested in for your visit to Australia and download the application form for that subclass.

You then need to collect the relevant supporting documentation required for your visa subclass; this will be mentioned in the relevant visa application form. With that done, you can now prepare to organize the visa fees as a bank draft.

After that, you should schedule an appointment with the AVAC and submit your biometrics. You might also be contacted by the Australian visa office if they require additional details.

Australian Immigration Process From Pakistan

Pakistanis immigrating to Australia need to first apply for the visa with the help of biometrics collection and visa application services that AVACs provides. AVACs offers applicants lodgment services including paper visa application, fee payment, biometrics collection, among others. The applicants can lodge their Australian visa application manually at an AVAC Lahore, Islamabad, or Karachi, but it can also be done online. Requirements for Australian Immigration From Pakistan

Applicants are required to submit scanned copies of their passports including all pages in addition to scanned copies of pages of your previous passport that carry stamps. Applicants must also provide the Family Registration Certificate given by NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority), Marriage Registration Certificate if married, and a recent passport size photograph.

Australian Skilled Immigration From Pakistan

Australian skilled immigration is a type of Australian immigration that gives skilled workers the opportunity to immigrate to Australia, live, and work there. Australia has a lot to offer skilled workers in terms of resources and career advancement. Candidates applying for skilled Australian immigration need to first check if they are eligible by using the points-based system.

We at Visa Vertex can help you get a work visa for Australia from Pakistan. Some Important Questions. Where is Australian High Commission Pakistan

The Australian high commission located in Pakistan is situated in Islamabad at No. 1 Diplomatic Enclave, Constitution Avenue and Ispahani Road, Sector G-5/4. What is the Role of VFS Global Pakistan in Australia Immigration from Pakistan?. VFS Global is the name of a commercial entity that is in collaboration with the Commonwealth of Australia. This organization plays an important role in an Australian visa application for Pakistani applicants. It takes care of the management of non-judgmental tasks concerning visa, identity, passport, etc.

Can Pakistani Students in Australia Get Immigration After Study Completion?

Yes, students can continue their stay in Australia after completing their degrees. While a student visa only allows a temporary stay, after which the visa expires, visas for work allow them to prolong their stay. Since Australia continues to need foreign workers, students are given the opportunity to get a special work visa after completion of their degree.