Oxbridge Application Service

When it comes to applying to Oxbridge universities, there are a few things to keep in

Oxbridge universities are generally considered as one of the greatest universities in the world, but applying to one is a highly difficult procedure. Through the expert guidance of your application from beginning to end, Oxbridge Consultancy will increase your chances of making a good application to one of the top business schools or universities. 

Our Oxbridge advisors are Cambridge and Oxford graduates who’ve already helped hundreds of overseas students in gaining admission to the world’s top universities and know what is required to submit a winning application. 

Our Oxbridge experts will make sure you are prepared whether you choose to study at the under-graduate or post-graduate stage. 

Oxbridge Service Universities and Schools  

VISA VERTEX will assist overseas students with their under-graduate and post-graduate applications to three schools and six universities which are listed below; 

Business Schools 

  • London Business School (PG only) 
  • Warwick Business School 
  • Bayes Business School (City, University of London) 


  • University of Cambridge 
  • Imperial College London 
  • King’s College London 
  • University of Oxford 
  • University College London 
  • London School of Economics 

 Your Application for Oxbridge 

At both the under-graduate and post-graduate levels, we will undertake the following to increase your chances of getting an offer. 

Under-graduate Service for Oxbridge universities 

  1. Advice on selecting the best school for you based on your GPA and graduation rates 
  2. Tips on how to write and structure your personal statement 
  3. Make sure you meet all additional exam deadlines, such as the GMAT. 
  4. non-specifics subject Interview training with an Oxbridge alumnus  
  5. What should you put in your reference letter? 
  6. What kind of work experience should you get before you apply? 
  7. Give you a reading list to help you prepare for your interview. 
  8. Complete the university application forms and keep track of your application after it has been sent. 

 Post-graduate Service for Oxbridge Universities 

  1. Confirm your transcripts to see whether you’re eligible. 
  2. Advice on selecting universities and courses that are right for you 
  3. Provide a list of documents that institutions required by the universities. 
  4. All supporting materials, such as your personal statement, CV, and letters of recommendation, should be edited. 
  5. Complete the university application forms and keep track of your application after it has been sent. 
  6. Conduct a mock interview with no defined subject and write a feedback report. 

Grab a degree from an Oxbridge university 

The Oxbridge Under-Graduate Service costs £750, and the Post-graduate Service costs £1,600. Make an appointment for a free consultation in London today to discover more. 


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