Leicester Montessori School

Leicester, England
Established 1990
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Leicester Montessori School consists of Upper Preparatory, Grammar School, and a Sixth form College, and International College.

Leicester Montessori School also has an International Department offering a comprehensive English language course, suitable for students and academics studying in the UK, from short English courses to Undergraduate diplomas.

Leicester Montessori College has strong and extensive links with employers around the UK. The courses have been designed in conjunction with the industry, through negotiation, dialogue and regular exchange with staff and students.

Currently we are offering Undergraduate Diploma in Business & Computing, which is working with De Montfort University. The diploma is available to students who want to obtain a recognized business qualification and is equivalent to year 1 of a 3 years honours degree.

Leicester Montessori runs a very successful summer school, offering a unique experience for children from ages 4-18. The summer school comprises of 6 individually themed weeks with afternoons and weekends spent on shopping, excursions and other fun activities.

Leicester Montessori school offers warden assisted, security gated, accommodation at the nearby Eastfield Hall & Croft Hotel. A school bus service runs daily and there are recreational facilities such as; a gym and a health club.

Student will stay in one of the school’s catered hall of residence; either The Croft Hotel is within walking distance to the school site. It is a beautiful classic building, built in the 1900s. The Croft has internet access and sky television for relaxing evening! Or, Eastfield Hall is a magnificent listed building from the 1900s which is situated adjacent to the Croft Hotel. The building has recently been refurbished and has internet access and sky television as well as a pool table for challenging your new friends.

Famous for

1) The Montessori way of teaching- Rather than beginning with a school / society – dictated set of lessons, the Montessori “guide” builds on the natural human tendencies toward exploration, hard work, creativity, and communication, to create a learning environment which feeds the evolving passions of the children.

Multi-aged Grouping, based on Periods of Development: Children are grouped according to their level of progress. In the early years, children have the same teacher throughout the day, except for specialised subjects such as foreign languages.

The Human Tendencies : The practical application of the Montessori method is based on human tendencies— to explore, move, share with a group, to be independent and make decisions, create order, develop self-control, abstract ideas from experience, use the creative imagination, work hard, repeat, concentrate, and perfect one’s efforts.

The Process of Learning: There are three stages of learning:
(Stage 1) introduction to a concept by means of a lecture, lesson, something read in a book, etc.
(Stage 2) processing the information, developing an understanding of the concept through work, experimentation, creation.
(Stage 3) “knowing”, to possessing an understanding of, demonstrated by the ability to pass a test with confidence, to teach another, or to express with ease.

Indirect Preparation: The steps of learning any concept are analyzed by the adult and are systematically offered to the child. A child is always learning something that is indirectly preparing him to learn something else, making education a joyful discovery instead of drudgery.

The Prepared Environment: Since the child learns to glean information from many sources, instead of being handed it by the teacher, it is the role of the teacher to prepare and continue to adapt the environment, to link the child to it through well-thought-out lessons, and to facilitate the child’s exploration and creativity.

Observation: Scientific observations of the child’s development are constantly carried out and recorded by the teacher. These observations are made on the level of concentration of each child, the introduction to and mastery of each piece of material, the social development, physical health, etc. on.

Work Centres: The environment is arranged according to subject area, and children are always free to move around the room, and to continue to work on a piece of material with no time limit.

2) Education of the highest standards, The Montessori Group is the leading provider of Independent Education in Leicester, offering continuous care for children and students from birth to University entry. The school maintains an expectation of the highest standards from its’ teaching staff, carers, auxillary staff, as well as from the students themselves.

3) The schools have achieved outstanding success in the personal and academic success of children to young adults. Many of whom have achieved outstanding success at a young age.

All students are treated as part of an integral whole and the school offers a structured educational path, with the intention of instilling enthusiasm for academic progress.