In the United Kingdom, there are a variety of foundation courses available

What is the concept of a Foundation course?

When you’re an international student completing high school and have less than 13 years of education, you will need to attend a foundation course at a UK university or college before beginning your first degree. A foundation course is a one-year preparation program for international students who require additional English language and academic preparation before enrolling in a UK university undergraduate program. 

Foundation programs are developed for school leavers who have completed a non-British curriculum yet want to study at a UK institution. The foundation course is meant to fill academic deficiencies, improve your English, and familiarize you with UK life and culture in preparation for university by acting as a bridge between your present qualifications and UK university undergraduate application criteria. 

Types of Foundation Courses

Foundation courses can help you prepare for a range of areas, including management, finance, business, law, design and art, engineering, social science, medicine, as well as computing, science, humanities, media, and pharmacy. 

Certain foundation institutions have agreements with colleges and can ensure a student’s admission if they get satisfactory results. Many programs will have students living on campus, with full university status and access to athletic facilities, equipment, and libraries.

Requirements for the Foundation Course

International students intending to study a foundation must have a minimum IELTS score of 4.5, with no single element below 4.0. If you do not have any official English qualifications, you may be required to enroll in an English language course or college before beginning your foundation study. The following documents and admission requirements are required: 

  1. A 4.5 or comparable IELTS score is required. 
  1. Certificate of Postsecondary Education 
  1. Transcripts from Secondary School 
  1. a letter of recommendation from a high school teacher 
  1. Statement of purpose 
  1. Passport and visa scanned copies 

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What are the locations where I can take a Foundation course?

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