Art and Design Portfolio Service

Study Design and Art in the UK 

Applying to a UK design and art school can be difficult, but the VISA VERTEX Art and Design Service can help you through the process step by step and provide expert portfolio preparation and creation advice from a practical art academic. 

VISA VERTEX will help you in Appling up to 3 art schools and universities for post-graduate study and five art schools or universities for under-graduate studies. 

What are the benefits of using the Art and Design Service? 

  • To increase your chances of getting an offer, the Art and Design Service will undertake the following: 
  • Provide a comprehensive list of documentation that universities require 
  • Pre-screen your documents, as well as your letters of recommendation and CV 
  • Advice on selecting universities and courses that are right for you 
  • A certified art and design professional will analyze your portfolio for 90 minutes 
  • Fill the application forms of the university and keep track of your application after it has been submitted 

Preparation of Art portfolio and advice 

Students can get experienced practical advice and support from a practicing artist who has shown sculptures in the UK and worldwide during art and design portfolio review and preparation sessions. 

  1. Students will receive a service relevant and personalized to their specific needs, allowing them to build portfolios and gain the background information necessary for their chosen educational journey. 
  2. Fashion design, architecture, 3D designs, communication, and graphic design, and other fine art areas all have online or face-to-face tutorials. 
  3. Portfolio review and preparation for art and design students is available at the following levels of study: 
  • A-level 
  • Foundation 
  • Under-graduate 
  • Post-graduate 

 Study Art in the UK 

The Art and Design Service will cost you at least £680. Set up a free consultation with VISA VERTEX London today to learn more. 

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